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Maggi Story

In 1884, concerned by the low nutritious diet of the working class, Julius Maggi invented a powdered pea and bean soup, to provide nutritious, easy to prepare food for busy women who worked in factories and didn’t have time to prepare healthy meals. This new product greatly improved the nutrition of common people. Two years later, it was followed with the invention of ready-to-use soups and liquid seasoning, indicating the beginning of a mission that would result in making nutrition accessible to everyone. Julius Maggi continued on to perfect the art of producing bouillon concentrates, initially in capsules and then in cubes.

Thus the MAGGI brand was born, fueled by a commitment to help serve and cater to the dietary requirements of the people, continuing its journey to soon become a brand with a strong presence across the world. A century later, the brand MAGGI resonates amongst top quality products that not only combine healthy and diverse nutrition at an affordable price, but is also a convenient and quick solution for every household.

In 1984, the vision of Julius Maggi reaches the shores of Sri Lanka, who established its link with the brand by importing MAGGI products from around the world. However, shortly afterwards, most of the products in the MAGGI portfolio, commenced local production under stringent quality standards at the Nestle Lanka manufacturing facility in Pannala, Kurunegala.

MAGGI has been present in Sri Lanka for over three decades, empowering mothers across the island to provide her family with tasty and nutritious food solutions over the years. MAGGI will continue on its mission to innovate and renovate its products, whilst further strengthening the nutrition foundation of all its products to enhance the lives of its consumers.

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